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Date Topic Speaker Registration open (Mondays) Registered student list
7 Jan 2017 A Short talk on Long Molecules |Venue-Sir C V Raman Auditorium, Lecture Hall Complex (LHC), IISER-Pune Julia A Kornfield, Professor of Chemical Engineering, CalTech, USA 15 Dec 2016 Registration closed
29 Jan 2017 "Chemistry on Surfaces "; slides(3.5 MB) Dr. B. L. V. Prasad Scientist, NCL-Pune 9 Jan 2017 Registration closed
19 Mar 2017 he many facets of oxygen in life; slides(1.8 MB) Harinath Chakrapani, Associate Professor, IISER-Pune 6 Feb 2017 Registration closed
16 Apr 2017 "Polynomials that no one can solve!"; slides(655kb) Dr Supriya Pisolkar (IISER Pune) 20 Mar 2017 Registration closed
28 May 2017 Exciting Photochemistry; slides(11 mb) Dr Jayaraj Nithyanandan, Scientist, NCL-Pune 19 Apr 2017 Registration closed
11 Jun 2017 Nuclear Research Reactors and their Utilization; slides(2.1 mb) Dr Dilip Kumar Lahiri (Retired as Senior Scientific Officer from BARC in 2008) 19 Apr 2017 Registration closed
23 Jul 2017 "Mix it Up! The science of mixtures and separation techniques"; slides(1.4 mb) Dr Rahul Bhambure, Senior Scientist, NCL Pune 14 Jun 2017 Registration closed
20 Aug 2017 Euler, Plato and balloons; slides(11 mb) Dr Tejas Kalelkar, Assistant Professor , IISER Pune. 25 jul 2017 Registration closed
24 Sep 2017 "Cell Migration: The voyage of building blocks of life" Dr Kiran Kulkarni, Senior Scientist, NCL Pune 30 Aug 2017 Registration closed
29 Oct 2017 Wave particle duality: Some exciting experiments with ultra-cold matter; slides(410kb) Dr Umakant Rapol , Assistant Professor , IISER Pune.Pune. 25 jul 2017 Registration closed
19 Nov 2017 PLANT-INSECT INTERACTIONS Dr Sagar Pandit, Assistant Professor, IISER-Pune 31 oct 2017 Registration closed
17 Dec 2017 Behavior and Natural History: What we can learn from the birds and the bats!; slides(83mb) Dr Anand Krishnan and Dr Rohit Chakravarty (IISER Pune) 20 Nov 2017 Registration closed






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