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Date Topic Speaker Registration open (Mondays) Registered student list
3 Jan 2016 "Do liquids have a "skin"?" Chirag Kalelkar (Assistant Professor), IIT-Kharagpur 15 Nov 2015 Registration closed
23 Jan 2016 "Role of Experiments in developing Physical Theories" Prof H.C.Verma, IIT-Kanpur 22 Nov 2015 Registration closed
20 Feb 2016 Gravitational Waves Astronomy - Indian Perspective; slides(6.3 MB) | Web link Manish Jain , IUCAA Science Center, Pune |Anirban Ain Bio, Photo, Research Scholar at IUCAA 16 Feb 2015 Registration closed
20 Mar 2016 "Where are my genes?" - A journey through the nucleus of a human cell.; slides(4.7 MB) Dr. Kundan Sengupta (Assistant Professor ) IISER Pune 3 Feb 2016 Registration closed
24 Apr 2016 Getting Familiar with Gas Hydrates ; slides(6.3 MB) Dr Rajnish Kumar ,NCL Pune 21 Mar 2016 Registration closed
29 May 2016 Atoms, Molecules and Light ; slides(2.4 MB) Dr Sayan Bagchi, Senior Scientist,CSIR-NCL, Pune 27 Apr 2016
19 Jun 2016 Science and Technology in Everyday Life ; slides(4.5 MB) Dr Janardan Kundu NCL Pune ,NCL Pune 30 May 2016 Registration closed
16 Jul 2016 "The Art and Science of Color" ; slides(4.5 MB) Dr Sayam Sen Gupta, Scientist, CSIR-NCL, Pune 27 Jun 2016 Registration closed
28 Aug 2016 Fun with Numbers Chandrasheel Bhagwat, Assistant Professor ,IISER-Pune 26 Jul 2016
25 Sep 2016 "The smallest pieces of our Universe"; slides(3.2 MB) Sourabh Dube, Assistant Professor, IISER-Pune 6 Sep 2016 Registration closed
23 Oct 2016 How Earth's Climate is linked to its internal working? Dr Shyam Rai, Professor and Chair, Earth and Climate Science ,IISER-Pune 28 Sep 2016 Registration closed
20 Nov 2016 "Small is beautiful"; slides(3.2 MB) Dr. Kavita Joshi, (CSIR- NCL, Pune) 25 Oct 2016 Registration closed
11 Dec 2016 Science and Technology of Currency Manufacturing Dr Anuya Nisal, Dr Kadhiravan S, Dr Premnath V, Dr PN Radkar and team 25 Nov 2016 Registration closed
18 Dec 2016 Surface Tension and Wetting ; slides(3.2 MB) Dr K Guruswamy, Scientist, NCL-Pune And Dr Arun Banpurkar 23 Nov 2016 Registration closed






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