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Date Topic Speaker Registration open (Mondays) Registered student list
20 Jan 2019 "Chemistry at Surfaces" Dr BLV Prasad, NCL, Pune 21 Dec 2018 Registration Closed
24 Feb 2019 "Let's regenerate! The exciting life of a stem cell" ;Slides Dr Deepa Subramanyam, NCCS , Pune 22 Jan 2019 Registration closed
17 Mar 2019 "Why are soap bubbles approximately spherical?" Dr Anisa Chorwadwala, Assistant Professor, IISER-Pune 21 Feb 2019 Registration closed
28 Apr 2019 "The story of how life originated on Earth";Slides Dr Sudha Rajamani , Associate Professor, Biology, Chemistry IISER-Pune 18 Mar 2019 Registration closed
2 Jun 2019 "Evolutionary Biology: Then and Now" Dr Sutirth Dey, Associate Professor, IISER-Pune 6 May 2019 Registration closed
30 Jun 2019 "Matrix of Multicellular Life : How cell adhesion regulates cell function";Slides Dr Nagaraj Balasubramanian , Associate Professor, Biology, IISER-Pune 3 Jun 2019 Registration closed
21 Jul 2019 "Himalaya weathering and global CO2 cycle" Dr Gyana Ranjan Tripathy, Assistant Professor, Earth and Climate Science, IISER-Pune 26 Jun 2019 Registration closed
31 Aug 2019 "Smashing protons - Big Bang, Higgs & dark matter !" Dr Seema Sharma (Associate Professor, IISER Pune and also a member of the CMS experimental collaboration at CERN.) 23 Jul 2019 Registration closed
29 Sep 2019 "Our unseen neighbours: A look at the microbial world " Dr Nishad Matange, DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow, IISER-Pune 6 Sep 2019 Registration closed
20 Oct 2019 Foundations of Animal Developmente Little Pulsar " Dr Girish Ratnaparkhi, Associate Professor, IISER-Pune 1 Oct 2019 Registration closed
24 Nov 2019 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Pulsar" Dr Raman Athreya, Associate Professor, IISER-Pune 13 Nov 2019 Register or write to register@excitingscience.org
29 Dec 2019 "International Year of Periodic Table: From Democritus to Mendeleev's World" Dr. Sakya Sen (CSIR-NCL) 19 Dec 2019 Register or write to register@excitingscience.org






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