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Date Topic Speaker Registration open (Mondays) Registered student list
18 Jan 2015 Game Theory and Behaviour Prof Neelesh Dahanukar, IISER-Pune 3 Jan 2015 Registration closed
1 Mar 2015 Chemistry of Food Dr Magesh Nandagopal, NCL-Pune 20 Jan 2014 Registration closed
22 Mar2015 Origin and Evolution of the Earth;Slides(6.1MB) Dr Rahul Chopra, Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME), Pune 3 Mar 2015 Registration closed
19 Apr 2015 Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells: Exciting Opportunities in India;Slides(4.3MB) Dr Ashish Lele, NCL-Pune 23 Mar 2015 Registration closed
31 May2015 Color, Art and Chemistry;Slides(4.3MB) Dr Sakya Sen, Scientist, CSIR-NCL, Pune 22 Apr 2015 Registration closed
28 Jun 2015 The Smart One Behind Smart Phones;Slides(4.3MB) Bhas Bapat , Associate Professor , IISER-Pune 3 Jun 2015 Registration closed
19 Jul 2015 Chemistry of the Cell Membrane: And How Does it Affect Us ? ;Slides(16MB) Dr. Durba Sengupta ( Scientist at CSIR-NCL) 29 Jun 2015 Registration closed
30 Aug 2015 Pushing and Pulling by Protein Filaments ;Slides(4.2MB) Dr. Gayathri Pananghat, DST INSPIRE Fellow, Biology Division, IISER-Pune 20 Jul 2015 Registration closed
20 Sep 2015 From Molecules to Life Dr. Shekhar Mande - Director, NCCS 31 Aug 2015 Registration closed
18 Oct 2015 Stem Cells: Superheroes of the past, present and future ;Slides(16MB);Video1;Video2;Video3;Video4 Dr. Deepa Subramanyam, National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune 21 Sep 2015 Registration closed
29 Nov 2015 Understanding how activity in the brain produces movements ;Slides(16MB); ;Video1;Video2;Video3;Video4;Video5;Video6 Dr. Raghav Rajan, IISER-Pune 19 Oct 2015 Registration Closed
13 Dec 2015 "Present Physics - Future Devices" ; Slides T.S.Mahesh (Associate Professor), IISER-Pune 24 Nov 2015 Registration closed
19 Dec 2015 How Drones Work? The Science of Automation!;Slides(16MB); ;Video1;Video2;Video3 Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO of NavStik Labs 24 Nov 2015 Registration closed






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