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Date Topic Speaker Registration open (Mondays) Registered student list
26 Jan 2014 Introduction to the Practice of Inquiry through Jigsaw Puzzles; slides (1.3 MB) Dr Tara Mohanan 2 Jan 2014 Registration closed
16 Feb 2014 Explosions in The Universe; slides (14.7 MB) Dr Poonam Chandra 27 Jan 2014 Registration closed
23 Mar 2014 How to stand on Giant Shoulders; slides (14.7 MB) K P Madhu - Science Media Centre, IISER Pune 20 Feb 2014 Registration closed
27 Apr 2014 Using Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to Understand Biology Dr Chetan Gadgil 27 Mar 2014 Registration closed
18 May 2014 Virtual Chemistry: Building labs inside computers,Slides(3.3 MB) Dr Suman Chakrabarthy 30 Apr 2014 Registration closed
29 Jun 2014 An Information Super-Highway in Plants: A tale of tour and detour Dr Anjan Banerjee, IISER Pune 21 May 2014 Registration closed
27 Jul 2014 Space Exploration Driven by "Curiosity" Dr Goutam Chattopadhyay, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, USA 2 Jul 2014 Registration closed
24 Aug 2014 The Circle of Life: An Introduction to the wonderful world of Animal Development Dr Girish Ratnaparkhi, IISER Pune 31 Jul 2014 Registration closed
21 Sep 2014 To stick or not to stick that is the question: How and why do cells stick? Dr Nagaraj Balasubramanium, IISER-Pune 2 Sep 2014 Registration closed
19 Oct 2014 Fighting Diseases with Math,Slides(3.9 MB) Dr Ramrup Sarkar, NCL-Pune, IISER Pune 26 Sep 2014 Registration closed
30 nov 2014 Looking at life beyond the limit of the eye at the "atomic" unit of life Chaitanya Athale, IISER-Pune 21 Oct 2014 Registration closed
28 Dec 2014 What makes gold so special and precious ? My experiences as an engineer and a scientist Dr Sanat Kumar, Columbia University, New York 3 Dec 2014 Register |Alternate Registration  or write to register@excitingscience.org






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